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About Surrey

Surrey, BC is one of the liveliest and fastest-growing cities in Metro Vancouver. With vast, natural beauty, tantalizing dining, top-end recreation, and a vibrant urban pulse, Surrey has a wealth of events to attend, restaurants to try, and places to shop.

At the crossroads of the Pacific Rim, Greater Vancouver, and the United States, Surrey, BC is close to two international airports and two international border crossings. With an extensive public transportation system, including a unique SkyTrain system, Surrey is closely linked to the surrounding communities, and is a great place from which explore all the attractions in this beautiful corner of British Columbia!

Surrey is a diverse community that is rich in arts, culture, history and heritage. Home to some of the largest and most vibrant festivals in Canada, Surrey is a thriving artistic community, and contains numerous performing arts venues, galleries, museums, and heritage buildings. Take a trip down to the Historic Stewart Farm, watch a concert at the Bell Performing Arts Centre, or browse the exhibits at the Surrey Arts Centre.

With over 6,000 acres of parks and green spaces, our city’s growing metropolis is nestled amongst a stunning natural setting. From scenic, coastal landscapes at Crescent Beach to the thriving, urban forests of Green Timbers, Surrey is a great place to connect with nature. Explore our city’s extensive farming community (which makes up one-third of our land use!), roam along woodland trails, or wander the winding pathways of our many majestic gardens.

Surrey’s rich, natural landscape provides countless recreational opportunities, such as kayaking along the Nicomekl River, sailing at Crescent Beach, biking at the South Surrey Bike Park, and running through our countless park and trails. As well, our state-of-the-art recreation facilities play host to numerous local, provincial, national, and international sporting events, such as the Scotiabank Canadian Open Fastpitch International Championship and the Surrey International World Music Marathon!

Bearing six distinct communities within its city boundaries, Surrey is a great place to live, work, stay, and play!

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