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Galleries & Artisans

Artists and artisans throughout British Columbia’s Lower Mainland have the opportunity to show off their amazing works at galleries and studio in Surrey, BC. We’re proud to have them – and visitors are consistently impressed with the quality of work on display!

The Surrey Arts Centre, located in the beautiful Bear Creek Park, showcases work from local artists, performing arts and international travelling exhibits. A hot spot for the local artistic community, the Centre houses the renowned Surrey Art Gallery – the second largest public art gallery in Metro Vancouver! Another popular destination is the Newton Cultural Centre, a converted firehall that now features a gallery for local visual artists, and a black box studio for conducting rehearsals. Meanwhile, Master Glass Blowers like Robert Gary Parkes at The Loafing Shed Glass Studio help show off Surrey’s rich cultural scene to art lovers from around the world.

From abstract and eclectic artwork to photography exhibits showing off the wonders of our local neighborhoods, there’s plenty to appreciate here.

Art by Wendy Studio & Gallery

Wendy L. Mould Header
Bringing nature to life is Wendy's goal. Her inspiration comes from her life on the West Coast: the reflections of the trees in the water, birds feeding and nesting in the yard, or plants growing in the garden. She brings her art to life using the excitement of colour in her watercolours or the soft

Audrey Bakewell

Audrey Bakewell Header
My art is my effort to mix the unexpected with my love of bold colour. This could be a crooked little tree flanked by brilliant autumn colours, flamingos sunning in a pond surrounded by thousands of swirling images of themselves or a lone traveler on the path to a glacier.

Beach House Theatre Society

The Beach House Theatre Society & Co. consists of a group of creative and talented theatre industry members whose productions offer the audience a cultural, artistic experience in the glorious natural setting of Blackie Spit at Crescent Beach, B.C. The purpose of setting the production in the area is to connect the arts with the

Canadian Artist Chris MacClure

Chris MacClure
Chris MacClure a Canadian  Romantic Realist Artist is always looking for that authentic gesture or moment in everything. His paintings are an expression of this "Romantic Realist" view of life. Born into an artistic family in St. John, New Brunswick on the east coast of Canada, Chris was surrounded by the arts from a young

Catherine Sheppard

Welcome to my world of art. I use a wide variety of subjects in my art pieces including animals, birds, antiques and portraits. I work in pastel, watercolour, pencil, charcoal and oil paint. I like to use strong earth tones, similar to the masters of years ago. I also like the painting style known as

Cheryl's Trading Post

Cheryl’s Trading Post is an independent Native family owned, operated, and staffed business selling authentic handmade Native art. We focus primarily on local Northwest Coast Native Art. We also have products from across Canada and the United States, as well as Mexico, and Central and South America. Authentic Native Indian art is the highest quality.

Chito Maravilla

Chito Maravilla was a former art director in an advertising agency in Manila. He and his family moved to Canada in May 202. He landed jobs as a graphic designer and later worked with a playground designer and sculptor for two playground companies that catered all over Canada and in the U.S. Chito is presently

Connie Glover Pottery

Glover, C - header
Over the past thirty years, my thrown work has evolved to an organic quality, inspired by the forms of seedpods and buds. I enjoy the energy of new growth, the unfolding, and the promise of new life. Most of my work is soda-glazed stoneware and some pieces are burnished and sawdust-fired. In recent years I

David Kilpatrick

Kilpatrick, D - header
Self-taught artist, as a child I would recreate drawings of animals from pictures, often while listening to the radio broadcasts of the Canucks hockey game. I have been painting for 28 years. The first four years I painted in oils then I switched to acrylics. I use a style similar to water colour painters in

David Patterson | 10th Avenue Studio

Patterson, D - header
David Patterson has been painting for over 30 years and is actively involved in the local arts community. As an expressionistic painter, nature is always an ever-present element in his work. “Painting for me is the blending of the outside world with the inside world and expressing those feelings onto a 2 dimensional surface. Currently

Deborah Morriss

Morriss, D - header
Deborah grew up in Quebec and Ontario and graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design with an honours diploma. She then completed a Masters of Fine Arts degree at the school of the Art Institute of Chicago on a full tuition scholarship. After relocating to the west coast she began a career as

Deborah Putman

IMG_7980Deb, Expo - Version 2
Deborah Putman, BFA Concordia, is a professional visual artist and an accomplished portraitist. The sacred relationships between human beings, creatures and the natural world inspire her artworks. Her collaborative public art mosaic, Kwomais: A Place of Vision for the city of Surrey, her Totem paintings in the Divining Natures exhibition and most recently her 8’x4’

Debra Gow Art Studio

On the weekend of May 28-29th, a grand-opening event attracted a couple hundred people to the Debra Gow Art Studio, a studio gallery for Artist Debra Gow's colourful acrylics, collages and watercolours. The gallery is located at 19141-68th Ave. Surrey in the Clayton Heights area. Come by or call for a viewing (604)576-1640. Debra offers


Deserres is an established business across Canada with modern, spacious and colourful stores that provide materials and supplies to artists, arts and crafts enthusiasts, children, students and designers. They are the leading retailer of arts and craft supplier in Canada. Offering wide selection of decorating items, bead bars for jewelery-making, stationary, books, frames and framing

Elizabeth Carefoot

EC winged heart frame 6x9 small
I need to make stuff. I am always inventing and one thing leads to another. I have two or three different artworks going at once, and I never look back. If something does not work for me, I simply layer on a new idea. My original ideas hardly ever turn out the way I planned

Ernie Faessler

Ernie Faesler - post and rail
Cartoons can capture the imagination. As a young student, Ernest Faessler developed a cartoon strip about pirates. He had a lot of fun with his pirates but after a while he found himself reaching out for more and different ways of expressing himself through drawing and painting. Ernie lived in the Cariboo Country, among pioneers

Gail Biddle

Biddle, Gail - Dream the Dance wide
Everything my eye sees I love to paint and draw from animals, birds, landscapes and seascapes.

Golden Cactus Studio

Personal Studio/Gallery of artists Marilyn Hurst and Chris MacClure. www.chrismacclure and www.marilynhurst.com We offer Art Classes, Fine Art for Sale, Wine & Art Parties, Restoration

Gunilla Kay

GK plaque
Acrylics are mostly abstract & colourful. Gunilla interprets her work through her use of fused and stained glass art works. Her methods involve fusing painted glass along with colourful glass shards to form bowls and platters.

IRMA's Abstract Artworks

IRMA's 'abstract artist on the ridge'. Show & sale options from public and private galleries. Please contact us for further information or an appointment and/or check website for current listings of galleries housing IRMA's unique and colourful artworks!

Isabelle Simpson

Isabell Simpson DSC01376
What do Christopher Columbus ships, the Virgin Mary, Vikings and Jesus on the cross have in common? A talented artist - Isabelle Simpson. At the age of twelve she began experimenting in visual arts by painting with oils from a paint set. She has been working at refining her art ever since. One of her

Jarnail Singh

Jarnail Singh
Jarnail Singh is artist, illustrator, designer , photographer, and art journalist. Born in Punjab, India, he received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Punjab University, Chandigarh. He was mentored by his father Kirpal Singh, himself an outstanding Sikh artist, from whom he inherited not only the painting talent but also the appreciation of historical

Joanne Dennis

Joanne Dennis Header
Joanne Dennis paints vibrant abstracts and representational art in landscape, and figurative forms.  Her paintings communicate a diversity of sensual adventures and strong spiritual connection.  She works in acrylics using rich colours, textures, and glazes with intentional and intuitive processes. Her desire is to communicate new ideas and concepts through her art, and to share

Kathy Johnston

A Canadian Painter who lives on the west coast. Kathy is a colourist who's technique utilizes colour saturation and layering to convey her perspective of the BC coast.

Kosheng Arts Studio

Kosheng ko 1
Kosheng watercolor rests on rhythm and flow. It transforms his thoughts of things and scenarios into a oriental tangible depiction of beauty. Shu-Chen's work present remarkable energy and lively movement which stands out from the fine and delicate style that generally found in female artist's painting. Jocelyn is an emerging artist, and enjoy a looseness,

Leah McCullough

LM water retentors
Leah McCullough works with plates in colourful geometric designs created in fused glass.

Linda's Studio

Linda Morris
Linda Morris began to paint about 16 years ago when her father passed.  It was a wonderful therapy for her, and she found that she could "lose herself" in the painting.  She loved the journey each painting brought to her, and she found so many sources to paint, she is sure she'll be painting well into old age.

Margaret's Art Studio

Margaret Burns Header
Margaret started work at the age of 14 years working in a candy factory, she was a very restless person, and changed jobs often, working in factories, cafes and offices until one day while out shopping, she saw the Royal Air Force recruiting office open and signed up, her dad asked her why? And she

Marilyn Hurst

Marilyn Hurst Artist In the early 90’s my life underwent a major transformation after discovering a hidden reservoir of creative energy. Having never considered painting before this time, from within there was a urge to begin.   The first tentative steps were with portraiture, but since that time the work has expanded beyond anything dreamed or

Melissa Peacock

Peacock, Melissa - In The Weeds
Combining watercolours with tactile papercuts and other media, Melissa Peacock transforms routine experiences and emotions into a visual banquet of colours and textiles. The world's dazzling display of floral and small fauna is a frequent source of inspiration. Melissa Peacock mainly uses watercolour and stylized images of flora and fauna to creatively visualize human experiences

Mikelson Mind and Matter Gallery

Mikelson sculpture1
Established in 1966 this two thousand square foot gallery sits quietly on three acres of beautiful gardens. Here Arnold Mikelson created his dreams and philosophized his emotions into every one of his wood sculptures Wood sculpture, paintings, pottery, glass blowing, soapstone carving and more, are some of the arts you will experience at the Arnold

NexTrend Design

Ellie Hanson can do a slide presention (20 - 30 mins) on "How Art Can Make or Break a Room..." educational seminar on size and scale of art for every room in the house, colour coordination, Do's and Don'ts, lots of visuals and Before and After shots. Ellie Hanson has a background in home stager,

Pat Schendel

Pat Schendel - Crystalline Plate
Born in the Fraser Valley into a family of avid gardeners, Pat acquired an affinity for flowers and mud. A childhood fancy for making mud pies was replaced in her adult life by a passion for working with clay. It has been Pat's ‘food for the soul’ for nearly 40 years. In the past 18

Rain Longson

A lovely red tabby in a wicker basket, in pencil, graphite and hard / soft pencil crayon.
A contemporary realist, Rain works in acrylic, as well as in watercolor or pencil. Her realistic style has received critical acclaim wherever exhibited. Many of her paintings are in private collections. It is her wildlife pieces, which are presently receiving most of the critical attention. Although her wildlife subject matter is quite diverse from cougars

Rolando Rihela

Rihella, Roland - 1sma
Rolando Rihela works in his garage (on the floor) and likes to free hand spray and brush stroke large sheets of paper. He works with acrylics on both canvas and paper as well as abstract photography through glass. Rihela enjoys creating unique and surreal images. He also has a viewing room of a different variety

Scarlet Black's Studio

SB FogInFleetwood
Scarlet Black is a Surrey based Artist-Photographer. She creates beautiful pictures that have meaning that goes beyond a pretty surface. The contemplation of beauty is a recurring theme in her work. The tension between beauty, meaning, sensuality and the temporal nature of life inspires much of her photography. Frequent subjects include: the garden, landscapes and

Studio Seventy Three

KL (2)
Studio Seventy Three is a growing social enterprise in Surrey supported by Community Living Society. The studio provides employment opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities who want to express their creative vision in a meaningful way that also provides them with an income. Working at the studio fosters self-confidence, social development and relationships, as well

Surrey Art Gallery

opening reception 2
Discover contemporary art through changing exhibitions, permanent artworks, and events like talks, tours, Family Sundays, and inFlux evenings of DIY art-making and live performances. Located in the Surrey Arts Centre, the Surrey Art Gallery is a contemporary art museum that shows work by local, national, and international artists. We also offer art classes for all

Sussanne Hoiberg

Enjoying the tranquility & beauty of Qualicum beach Oct 2013
Many people who know me now, have a hard time believing I had difficulty communicating when I was younger. Somehow, art has given me the tool to really express how I feel with wild abandonment. I create images that speak my language. Seeing the colour explode, trying new techniques and experimenting gives me great joy. My favourite medium

The Loafing Shed Glass Studio

Blown Glass Plate
With over 20 years experience, master glass blower Robert Gary Parkes creates vases, bowls and platters in styles ranging from traditional to contemporary and experimental. Parkes' large studio 'hot shop' opens to a view of the pasture on his five acre farm in Port Kells. You are invited to come and watch the glass-blowing process

The Potter's Shed

As a ceramic artist and painter Laurel Vlieg found some of the greatest inspirations from nature; the colors, textures, and shapes found there.  The colours, textures & imagery of the coastal region and rainforest area in her home area find their way into my work. Too often people want to create beauty in their homes

Tiggy's Art Studio

Tiggy's Art Studio is a teaching art studio located in beautiful Crescent Beach.  We have been in business for 20 years and offer classes in Acrylics from Beginner to Advanced,and cover a wide-range of subject matter - florals, landscapes, portraits, etc.

TSM Gallery

Tejpal Singh Mann
Artist Tejpal Singh Mann likes to paint both small to a large scale work. He enjoys painting wild life, scenic, floral, historical, romantic, portraiture and murals. He uses acrylic oil, graphite and digital media by nature and demand of the work. His work is in private collections in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and the United

Wizard of Wonders Gallery

The Whoned No. 10
Long Exposure Digital Photograph enhanced using the digital darkroom.

Prints Available:
36" x 36" GalleryWorks™ WoWGallery™ Wrapped Fine Art Giclée Canvas Prints of Matte Finish.
Edition of 10 Signed and numbered.
Artists proofs: Edition of 2 Signed and numbered.
Paul W. Sharpe,  aka the 'Wizard of Wonders', is a contemporary abstract visual artist. His signature work consists of bright, bold colours, making it a visual adventure about deep thinking dimensions which take viewers into another world, another dimension of our brain, by employing chaotic geometrical elements.  Aesthetic and composition are newly defined in Paul's artwork so that the viewer may be challenged with
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