• Bear Creek Park Public Art
  • Bear Creek Park - Asian Art
  • Bear Creek Park Garden Art
  • Mere Water Am I - Poetry Stone

Public Art

Art is all around us. From the natural beauty of our hundreds of public parks to the fantastic architecture of Surrey’s fast-growing urban centre, you just have to open your eyes. But the City of Surrey has taken that a bit further, helping sponsor and plan public art projects that tie into the area’s eclectic heritage and culture.

Walking Tours and Public Art. A Visual Treat for Visitors to Surrey, BC

Use our Public Art Map and take a tour of impressive pieces designed by both local and international artists. Located in parks, along pathways, on SkyTrain pillars or historic main streets, meander through the heart of the city and find unique, contemporary works, mosaics, and structures. Choose your own path – and make sure you come back for more! Our artists continue to add their unique stamps to our cityscape; you might say our world is their canvas!

Public Art Map Updated Feb2016

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