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For The Art of It

Surrey is a great city for getting active and enjoying the parks, but it’s also a great place to see and experience local art. Not only can you enjoy beautiful works of public art, but there are many studios and galleries that showcase local talent, too. Gather your paintbrushes and get inspired with Surrey’s top galleries and studios, and even some hands-on fun as well!

1) The Loafing Shed Glass Studio

Blown Glass Plate

Visit The Loafing Shed Glass Studio to be amazed by the creations made by Robert Gary Parkes. For over 20 years, Parkes has been making beautiful vases, bowls and platters out of blown glass. At the studio, you can browse the collection of pieces made, and even see a demonstration of the glass blowing process.

2) Debra Gow Art Studio

Opened recently in May, The Debra Gow Art Studio hosts a collection of Gow’s beautiful works in acrylics, collages and watercolours. With a collection of different of mediums, Gow’s Gallery shows diversity and creativity. Original works and limited edition prints are available at the Gallery.

3) Tiggy's Art Studio


Tiggy’s offer painting classes, and occasionally drawing and coloured pencil classes as well! The classes range anywhere from beginners classes, all the way to classes painting experts will enjoy. Located in the Crescent Beach area, it’s hard not to get inspired by all the beautiful scenery. Master the art of painting the beautiful ocean that laps onto the shores of Surrey’s oasis, and learn a thing or two about creating art while you’re at it.

4) Surrey Arts Gallery

opening reception 2

The Surrey Arts Gallery is your place to experience performance and visual art. The Surrey Arts Gallery is Surrey’s mecca for art, from contemporary artworks, professional and community performers, public art museum, to studio theatre all accompanied by a elegant lobby and courtyard. Artwork shown at the Surrey Arts Gallery is meant to inspire and engage all audiences.

5) The Golden Cactus Studio


The Golden Cactus Studio is located in South Surrey, and hosts’ artwork created by Marilyn Hurst and Chris MacClure. MacClure specializes in romantic realism, whereas Hurst is a local Canadian artist depicting beautiful Canadian landscapes, wildlife and scenery using vibrant and vivid colours. Together, MacClure and Hurst showcase their talents, and leave the soul soothed through beautiful imagery and colour work.

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