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David Kilpatrick

Self-taught artist, as a child I would recreate drawings of animals from pictures, often while listening to the radio broadcasts of the Canucks hockey game.

I have been painting for 28 years. The first four years I painted in oils then I switched to acrylics. I use a style similar to water colour painters in that I have many layers of colour and variation to achieve the greatest level of depth to the work.

For the first 10 to 12 years I painted only wildlife but now I paint people as well.

At age 42 I went to Surrey College and graduated with a degree in 3D CG art with the hopes of becoming a character modeler for the gaming industry. That dream didn’t happen in the highly competitive gaming industry, however I was able to acquire some very valuable computer skills using photo shop, which I use to create compositions from various reference material.
I have been painting for 28 years and carving soapstone sculpture for 12 years.

Art Style: Realist_character artist

Emphasis on finding a strong character, person or animal that I feel has an interesting expression that the viewer can easily interpret (animals), or an expressive gesture or prop that can imply a specific mood.

I like to sometimes incorporate unrelated themes such as otters and the milky way galaxy in the background of “floating on a cosmic sea” to create an abstract idea that related to humanity’s place in the universe, with the otters representing earth and man and life, and the milky way as the vast and expansive universe that surrounds our existence

I use Photoshop to first create the composition, combining references and adjusting the color to get the desired temperature and mood I would like a painting I have.

Location: 8092 139 A Street
Contact: lyndavek@shaw.ca
Website: dkilpatrickart.com
Facebook: facebook.com/dkilpatrickart

Medium: Acrylic Paintings, Pencil Drawings, Soapstone Carving
Event Activities: Painting Demos, Art Sale

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