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Connie Glover

Over the past thirty years, my thrown work has evolved to an organic quality, inspired by the forms of seedpods and buds. I enjoy the energy of new growth, the unfolding, and the promise of new life. Most of my work is soda-glazed stoneware and some pieces are burnished and sawdust-fired.

In recent years I have completed several large-scale public art projects and community public art projects. In collaboration with Deborah Putman, the “Kwomais: A Place of Vision”  Project was installed in October 2011.

My studio practice as well as all the public and community public art works can be viewed at www.connieglover.com

Location: Connie Glover Pottery, 1872 136th St
Contact: cgloverclay@shaw.ca
Website: www.connieglover.com

Medium: Pottery and Mosaics
Event Activities: Pottery Demo, Art Sale and Exhibit

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