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Nature & Wildlife

Surrey, BC’s many parks and wetlands make this area an important destination for wildlife. Visitors in British Columbia are often surprised by the convenient access to the natural world, typically just outside their windows. Whether you’re up for a pleasant hike in the woods, some birding with binoculars or taking part in one of the popular eco-tours increasingly available to locals and visitors alike, you’ll never run out of options to explore.

Birding, animal viewing and More Eco-Tourism Experiences

Places such as Blackie Spit, Serpentine Fen and Mud Bay Park are famous bird watching areas on the Pacific Flyway, where almost 200 species of birds have been recorded in one calendar year!

Bird lovers, welcome home. Surrey draws in birders from around the world, going out on their own or taking part in organized eco-tours to gaze at hundreds of species of birds flocking to and fro, year-round. If you’re heading out to the wetlands during the mild winter season, just remember to dress appropriately – and don’t forget a handy bird guide to separate the owls from the herons.

Best Places for Bird & Animal Viewing in Surrey, BC

Fleetwood Park

Visit nature in the comfort of your own backyard! At Fleetwood park you could take a stroll down the river to see fish then enjoy frolicking in the water park. Its a great way to educate and have fun with all ages of the family. Fleetwood Park offers visitors a combination of quiet walks through a

Hawthorne Park

Hawthorne park beats the heat on any summer day with its combination of shaded forest trails, picnic shelters, colourful gardens and a water park. But don't forget to visit during the rest of the year; in the fall the forest is ablaze with colour and crisp with the scent of fallen leaves. something you have

Mud Bay Park

Mud Bay Park Ocean
Take a stroll around Mud Bay Park or bring your bikes and cycle around the paths and trails as you watch majestic birds soaring overhead. As home to many species of wildlife, Mud Bay Park is part of the Boundary Bay Important Bird Area and Western Hemisphere Shorebird reserve network and offers great bird watching

Serpentine Fen Wildlife Area

RS1130_001 FEN _ BAKER (H)-scr
The Serpentine Fen lies in a triangle between Highway 99, King George Boulevard (99A), and the Serpentine River. The fen includes many different types of habitats in its 150 hectares, and is home to more than 130 different bird species. September and October is the busiest birding season. In the winter months, many birds shelter

Surrey Lake Park

Spend a day at the Surrey Lake Park and enjoy nature as you learn about the wildlife that inhabits the area as well as interesting facts about the multiple purposes of the area. This 90 acre passive recreational area provides a number of benefits including habitat enhancement, recreational values and flood control for the area.

Tynehead Hatchery

Tynehead Hatchery 03
The Tynehead hatchery is located in the Tynehead Regional Park, near the headwaters of the Serpentine River. Tours are available for visitors to look around the hatchery and to learn more about habitat enhancement. Group tours are available, call ahead to pre-book. *Provincial Fishing licenses are required for persons wishing to fish in BC. These
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