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Bird lovers, welcome home. Surrey draws in birders from around the world, going out on their own or taking part in organized eco-tours to gaze at hundreds of species of birds flocking to and fro, year-round. If you’re heading out to the wetlands during the mild winter season, just remember to dress appropriately – and don’t forget a handy bird guide to separate the owls from the herons.

Birding at Blackie Spit, Elgin Heritage Park, Serpentine Fen and More

Birds may flock south in the rest of Canada, but thanks to British Columbia’s mild weather, we’ve got birds roosting here all the time. Blackie Spit, leading into the Crescent Beach area is a great spot to get started with birding in Surrey, BC. You’ll find a range of waterfowl and shorebirds along the beach and tidal marsh.

If you’re up for a bigger challenge of spotting nests among the trees, Elgin Heritage Park has easy trails including a boardwalk to keep your feet dry while you scout for your winged friends. Along with Serpentine Fen and Mud Bay Park, this area is home to the Pacific Flyway, a natural route for birds who call this area home at various points in the year.

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