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Pools & Water Parks

Splish-splash! Whether you’re trying to cool down in the summertime or just staying fit all year round, Surrey has a lot of public pools and water parks for you to dip into. Locals on the west coast are known for their active lifestyles – and if you’re here for a visit, you’re welcome to join us in some of the best pool facilities anywhere.

Coming to Surrey? Don’t Forget Your Swimsuit!

Wherever you’re staying, there’s probably a pool nearby. In North Surrey, Bear Creek Park boasts a pool and water park, which are very family-friendly. Cloverdale Athletic Park’s water park is another local favorite, with a bike park, playground and picnic tables nearby to give you fun options for after you’re done with your swimsuit for the day. Cool off at the South Surrey Athletic Park after taking in a pickup game of tennis or other sports. Check ahead to sign up for a swimming class at one of our state-of-the-art facilities. Get wet and wild on the west coast in Surrey, BC!

Erma Stephenson Park

Arrggg! Its time to set sail and make this water park walk the plank to fun! Enjoy a evening of pirate themed fun at this park!

Fleetwood Park

Visit nature in the comfort of your own backyard! At Fleetwood park you could take a stroll down the river to see fish then enjoy frolicking in the water park. Its a great way to educate and have fun with all ages of the family. Fleetwood Park offers visitors a combination of quiet walks through a

Greenaway Park

Happy 40th Birthday Greenaway! This park is located on a slope, offering great views of Cloverdale and, if you bring your binoculars, even the Fraser Downs Race Track and Casino. Bring a picnic and enjoy overlooking the historical city with the whole family!

Hawthorne Park

Hawthorne park beats the heat on any summer day with its combination of shaded forest trails, picnic shelters, colourful gardens and a water park. But don't forget to visit during the rest of the year; in the fall the forest is ablaze with colour and crisp with the scent of fallen leaves. something you have

Hjorth Road Park

Don't forget to pack a picnic! With plenty of open grass surrounding this park, it offers the perfect family day that everyone can enjoy. Cool off in the pool, then relax in the grass. The possibilities are endless with this park! *The concession stand will only be available on certain days*

Holly Park

The Summer heat getting hard to beat? This park has everything cool. Including a pool and Slurpee's! and possibly a Dairy Queen... Located close to 108ave this park sits right behind Macs Convenient store and near major restaurants. Making it the ideal spot for all ages to cool off.

Port Kells Park

Travel to a place frozen in time! This park was built 60 years ago and has not changed since. With magnificent trees surrounding the whole area, this not your normal park and would be a new experience for everybody! After a day spent enjoying the sun, the whole family could visit the unique town! *Photo credited

Royal Kwantlen Park

This park has it all! From kick flips and monkey bars to pool noodles and cannon balls. Everyone will be busy with the amount of activities you can do here! And at the end of the day the whole family can enjoy a picnic in the open space and forest that surrounds the park. *Photo credited by the City

Sunnyside Park

You can enjoy endless fields of grass at this park. With this much space what to do, is up to you. Take a dip in the pool, have a picnic on the grass, throw a Frisbee around, or just relax and enjoy the sun. What do you feel like doing today?

Unwin Park

Travel back in time to the Surrey of Yesterday! The whole family can join with blasting water cannons and exploring the lazy river that runs through the water park.
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