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To ensure your trip goes off without a hitch, browse through the services found within the city. For those spur of the moment vacations, spontaneous road trips, or impromptu expedition, we’re here to make sure you’ve got all of the resources you’ll need to enjoy your time in the beautiful Pacific North West.

International Currency Exchange

International Currency Exchange is the largest independent foreign exchange company and payment solutions provider in North America for over 45,000 clients. International Currency Exchange provides Currency Exchange solutions for individuals and companies, travelling groups & so on. We stock over 80 different currencies at any given time. We also offer Western Union Money Transfer services

International Currency Exchange

ICE International Currency Exchange is one of the largest and most respected retail currency exchange brands in the world, with an impressive 35 year history. With over 300 locations worldwide, we operate in 20 countries, across four continents and can be found in more than 65 airports across the globe. We manage a transaction every


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