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From scenic coastal landscapes to sprawling urban forests, Surrey is home to an expansive network of parks and trails. With over 6,000 acres of green space, you’ll never be far away from a tranquil woodland pathway, rolling meadow, or winding riverbank to explore. Get outdoors, and experience Surrey’s stunning natural beauty with these fantastic urban parks, trails, and wildlife hot spots.

Get back to nature at hundreds of green spaces in Surrey

If you’ve got a real green thumb then a visit to Bear Creek Gardens is a must. This 5-acre garden is considered to be one of the best public gardens in Metro Vancouver. Darts Hill Garden is another must visit with 7.5 acres resulting from over 60 years of work and dedication guided by the clear vision of Francisca Dart & her husband Edwin. This tranquil setting contains countless plant species from around the world and is distinctive for the number of rare and unusual plants that can be seen – many in a mature state! Any of the six public gardens make beautiful backdrops for wedding photos as well.

Whether you’re heading out for a stroll in the fresh air or celebrating, our green spaces in Surrey can’t be beat!

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